My Writing Process Blog Tour

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I’m excited and honored to have been asked by my good friend and editing partner, Samantha Stroh Bailey, to participate in this blog tour. I have been spending so much time AWAY from my writing in recent months, I’m delighted to get back in the swing of things and focus on my stack of WIPs (works-in-progress) again by answering four questions about my writing process.

Thanks, Sam!

1. What am I working on?

So many projects, so little time… I have a few new novels in the hopper. One is a multi-generational fractured romance about people who do insane (not always funny) things in the name of love. One is a quasi-paranormal about maenads (Dionysian party nymphs living in the present). Another is about a group of forty-ish former colleges roommates down on their luck who decide they’ll rent a giant house and all live together again (with spouses, kids, pets, and plenty of baggage!). Then there’s an erotic novel; then a fractured fairytale trilogy I’m doing with my husband…. I think I may need Ritalin!

The WIP that’s in the forefront right now though is a collection of short stories I’m putting together for Mother’s Day – and for charity. A KIND OF MAD COURAGE features many stories in different genres and should be released by May. Lots of great authors have already submitted, including Samantha, plus Carey Heywood, Wendy Janes, Louise Wise, and Laura Chapman, and I’m looking forward to seeing more, from Elke Feuer, Karen E. Martin, Jen Tucker, Julie Valerie (see below!), and more! My mother passed away last fall from an auto-immune disease, and all proceeds for the book will go to the Guthy-Jackson Foundation, which does a lot of AI research, as a tribute to my mom. More about that as we get closer to the release!

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I don’t have a neat, cut-and-dry genre I write in. I wish I did–marketing would be much easier! I have been told my books are “original” and “fresh” when people like them. And “stupid” and “implausible” when they don’t. I try and take the standard three-act structure as a base, but my stories seem to spin the way they want to. They’re like unruly children who are kind of sassy and cute and with whom you put up anyway because they’re kind of cute… Right?

3. Why do I write what I write?

Characters speak to each other in my head and I listen to what they say. Sometimes they’re silly (like Rita Hayworth’s Shoes) and sometimes they’re wacky and dark (like The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything). They spout their insane ramblings at me and I try and “box” them into a story. Not really that far off from what I do as a ghostwriter, actually… (Ha! I’m kidding! [No, no I’m not.])

4. How does my writing process work?

I write when I can. I try to escape to Panera, but sometimes I’m writing “in the fray.” I’ve gotten very good at blocking distractions. With a family, a job, freelance clients, etc. to juggle, you kind of have to do it that way. I spend about 80 percent of my writing time thinking about writing and 20 percent typing. I’m a really fast typist!


To continue the writing process blog tour, I will now hand the “mic” over to the amazingly funny Julie Valerie, who will answer these questions on her blog next week.

Thanks again, Sam!!


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“The Joys of Being a Writing Mom,” by Elke Feuer

“The Joys of Being a Writing Mom,” by Elke Feuer

IMG_0725When people find out I’m a writer, they often ask me where I find the time especially with two kids and a full-time job. I tell them:

1) I have amazing kids who go to bed on time every night (mostly) and a very supportive husband.

2) Writing is important to me, so I make time for it.

When I found out I was having my second child, I decided to put my writing career on hold for a short while so I could focus on my kids, after all two is harder and newborns need a lot of time and attention. Thankfully my BFF, Katie convinced me to submit my story anyway. Lo and behold my book was picked up by a publisher days after my daughter was born. As excited as I was, I knew it was going to be a challenge.

The best surprise? It was easier than I thought. Having another child brought so much joy to our lives, not to mention I have the best baby in the whole universe (that’s not too biased). Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a walk in the park by any means, but the rewards are worth it.

Having children adds depth to my creativity, and my writing is better for it. My kids and family provide support, encouragement and lots of, “You’re so awesome, mom!” No amount of free time in the world is a better substitute. On days when I so frustrated with my story I can’t see straight, all I have to do is look into their sweet faces or spend quality time with them to be inspired. Who could ask for more?

Rich and our son, Erik can never wait to give me their presents whether it’s my birthday and Christmas time, so sure enough, Mother’s Day I got my gifts a day early. My husband did an awesome job of getting a card from our 10 month old, Zoe that was completely adorable and couldn’t have been more perfect if she’d picked it herself. Erik made me a card at school which was so fantastic that I wanted to cry. My husband’s card said what it always does. I’m so lucky that you married me. He’s right, of course. 

I love being a mom and a writer. It has its challenges, but they’re the best jobs in the world and I’m blessed that I don’t have to choose between them.


Elke Feuer - Author PhotoABOUT ELKE FEUER

I live in Grand Cayman with my husband and two kids. Reading, spending time with my family, traveling, and meeting people is my joy. Writing is my passion.

My first book, For the Love of Jazz, is a romantic suspense. I stumbled into writing suspense and loved it along with writing about serial killers. I write time travel, historical, and contemporary novels to even out my dark side.

To find out more about me or my latest story, “Deadly Bloodlines,” visit my website, or say hi on Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads. You can’t escape, I’m everywhere. 😉

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