The “Shed”

Probably you’ve seen the movie A Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connolly? If you haven’t, probably you should. Though not just because it will help you understand what the hell the title of this blog means, but because it’s kind of a fantastic movie and it’s weird you haven’t seen it yet.

In any case, there’s a scene in this film in which Jennifer Connolly walks into Russell Crowe’s outdoor shed, where he’s doing what he believes is very impressive and important work. But what she sees are hundreds of scattered, senseless news clippings, taped up at random, all marked up in a madman’s furious scrawl… Clippings in the shed.

Here’s the thing: This is kind of what happens in writing. You can tap away for hours on your keyboard thinking you are composing a literary symphony with every stroke… And when you return to the “greatness” what you find is more akin to an insanely portrayed pile of doody.

Motherhood is kind of like that too. Though the doody is generally not your child(ren) themselves, but the mess you make of the process of raising them.

So that’s what this blog will be about. Random musings on writing and motherhood; the highs and the lows, the symphonies and the shits. So check back regularly. I promise you’ll laugh — at least sometimes. Sometimes with me, sometimes at me.

Who am !? I am a writer who lives in New York. Mostly I write other people’s books, but now I’m writing my own (Rita Hayworth’s Shoes, The Girl, The Gold Tooth & Everything, both published by Diversion Books). Sometimes (most of the time) that means I won’t sleep all that much, but I have two small kids. I’m used to that.

Welcome to my Mad Shed!


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