Creaking Open That Old Shed Door…

Creaking Open That Old Shed Door…

Why – hello everyone. Are you still here? Are you all really STILL here? Wow! Thank you for sticking around. It’s so wonderful to be able to engage with you again!

If you’ve forgotten, it’s me, Francine LaSala. You may remember me / my words from such quirky novels as Rita Hayworth’s Shoes and The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything and as the publisher and co-editor of the anthology A Kind of Mad Courage. (You may also remember me as the author whose book somehow had the same cover as one by Margaret Atwood – my biggest post to date.)

Margaret Atwood's "ripoff" cover.
Margaret Atwood’s “ripoff” cover. (Click on image to read post.)

Actually, you may not remember me at all – or that you even subscribed to this blog – as it’s been so long since I published anything. Since I’ve written anything of my own. Somehow in the madness of the past two years, I have abandoned my poor “Shed” and somehow managed to lose track of my identity as a writer. Very Mina-esque for anyone who gets the reference.


Well, no more or that. The past couple of weeks, I’ve been working to whack away the weeds that have grown over the “Shed” (otherwise known as my creativity). I’ve WD-40’d the hinges of the rickety old door and finally pushed it open. It’s a little musty in here, and there are some cobwebs and spiders hanging around, but give me a few weeks and I’ll have it all spic-and-span again.

I’ve already started to redecorate aesthetically – giving the blog a new look. (What do you think?) Now I’m working on “redecorating” content. I don’t think I’ll be able to commit to regular features, like Wassup Wednesday and Five for Friday anymore, but I will try and post regularly.

I still want to hear from you guys as well. While I haven’t been around all that much, I’ve really missed the sense of community having a regular blog gives a gal.

In the time that I’ve been away, I lost my mother. I became estranged from my father, and made my peace with him.

I became a dog person.

The three "musketeers" (or "stooges" - depending on the day/hour).)
The three “musketeers” (or “stooges” – depending on the day/hour).)

I took a couple of winter trips to a California beach house with writer pals Eileen Goudge, Samantha Stroh Bailey, Julie Valerie, Jen Tucker, Meredith Schorr, and Josie Brown and enriched my soul.

I went to France with my ten-year-old daughter and left here there with her grandparents – to fly home on her own. The most terrifying experience of my life, but she was awesome!

Yep, I’ve done a lot of growing these past months. How about you? Please leave me a comment about the biggest thing that’s happened to you in the past two years. (And if you’re not subscribed, do it now – it’s so easy!)

I look forward to welcoming you all back into the Shed again – maybe when it looks like more this…?

The Goal!
The Goal!

Till next time,



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10 thoughts on “Creaking Open That Old Shed Door…

  1. Geez. I feel like absolutely nothing has happened to me in the past two years. We moved to a new house (same dumb town); my oldest son graduated from high school and started college, my middle son started middle school, and my youngest started kindergarten (but that’s their lives not mine, really); and I published a few books. But really… I’m still sitting here at this computer, just in a different location. So glad to have you back, though, and can’t wait to see what comes out of the shed next!

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  2. In the past two years? I realized that my writing career alone wouldn’t sustain us, or even pay the bills, so I went back to work. Part-time, couple of days a week. I earn enough and it gets me out of the house, in the company of others, which is good. But I’d still rather be home churning out books.


  3. The past three years have been tough raising a stepson who was not happy to be here and never really respected me in any way. I grabbed creative resources where possible, as you know, and now I am happy to say he away at college and I’m brushing off the cobwebs. Thanks for sharing your struggles. To so nice to know others go through this. Makes me realize that I shouldn’t give up.

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  4. I would say the biggest thing that happened to me over the last couple of years was losing my best friend to cancer. The loss changed my life in ways I never imagined possible and I’m not sure I will ever be the same. But it also made me so grateful for the friends I still have around and reminded me to take nothing for granted. I also completed three novels and gained so much inspiration from my fellow beach babes, like you! I’m so glad you’re back to writing and can’t wait to read your next novel. I’m a fan! XOXO.

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