Summer Splash Blog Hop!

Summer Splash Blog Hop!


Is it hot in here? You bet! It’s SUMMER! What better time is there to discover new books from some talented indie authors? Welcome to the SUMMER SPLASH BLOG HOP! There are so many great prizes just waiting to be won, and nearly 50 authors to discover! As the for the grand prizes, how would you like a brand new Kindle Fire? It’s just one of the grand prizes being offered. Click here to see more!

****Oh yeah. And I’ll be giving away a $20 Gift Card. Please see below!*****

I love summer reading. Even if I’m really busy crunching deadlines, I always try and find a way to squeeze in a good book. Lately, I’ve found a kind of clever way to get reading done, while multitasking. I discovered audiobooks when my two books, The Girl, the Gold Tooth and Everything and Rita Hayworth’s Shoes were acquired by Audible.

I’ve only listened to short sections of those, but devoured Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl while I found myself stuck in traffic on trips to visit clients, and also during my morning walks. What an amazing book, and what a satisfying way to experience it! I tried Dan Brown’s Inferno, and could not get through it. I’m sort of a Dante freak, but I just don’t have the same passion others do for the writing of Dan Brown. Great storyteller, sure, but I find it somewhat annoying that he always makes a point to let us know how brilliant his female characters are…and then dumbs them down by making them ask silly questions so Robert Langdon can look smarter with his answers. Puhleaze! I also wasn’t crazy about the reader. Maybe he killed it for me? I’ve now moved on to Amy Shearn’s The Mermaid of Brooklyn and I’m loving it! Do you think audiobooks is a good way to experience books? Is it “cheating”? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Speaking of comments, let’s get back to Summer Splash… Each stop on this hop will feature it’s own giveaway, and there are some pretty cool prizes up for grabs. I’ll be giving away a ***$20 AMAZON.COM GIFT CARD*** to a reader, chosen at random, who leaves a comment here, telling me how they feel about audiobooks, including their email address and their Twitter handle, and who also follows me on Twitter (just click here).

Click here for more details about the official Summer Splash Blog Hop page, and a listing of all participating authors.

Thanks for stopping by!


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30 thoughts on “Summer Splash Blog Hop!

  1. I love audio books for long car rides! I also like to listen to them while working around the house or exercising. I have been know to run and extra mile just because I need to hear what happens next. @kumquat8 kumquat8 at hotmail dot com


  2. I’ve listened to audio books before I got my ereaders when at the gym. Once in a great while I use them for very very long trips. .;)

    I’ve added you.. I’m Valshemi at twitter.
    vals_hemi at yahoo dot com


  3. I’m not a fan of audio books. I read so much faster than the speech in them that it drives me nuts. It kind of reminds me of how classes in school had students read out loud. But, I’m also someone that watches movies with subtitles on. I prefer to read over listen to books because I know I’m not missing anything that way. πŸ™‚ Email is in the details required for posting. Followed on Twitter, @TabulaRasaSM


  4. Audio books are good to listen before I go to sleep. They relax my mind especially if the speaker has a good accent. πŸ˜€
    TWITTER: @thing_16


  5. I just recently got an audio book and I admit I had to adjust. I’m a fast reader and the pace seems slower as I am listening. I follow on Twitter @mizztara71
    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net


  6. I enjoy audiobooks, they are great in the car and in fact I am listening to Anita Blake while hopping around during this hop, which is really fun. It is very true, however, that the narrator can make or break a good book in audio. I have listened to some I loved and some I thought were just blah, but after reading the book in print really enjoyed. Yep, the narrator makes huge difference. Thank you for the treat of a giveaway. I follow on twitter @ZDz59001 πŸ™‚


  7. Just Hopping by! As someone who is very nearsighted with glaucoma I pray I never have to depend on audio books. LOVE my Kindle and ebook reading. But it is nice to know audio is available should that need ever arise..


  8. I love audiobooks! They are so wonderful to listen to while you are trying to fall asleep, laying out in the summer sun, or when you just want to block the world out and slip into a new world! I do think a reader can make or break an audiobook. There have been a few times where the voice was so monotone, that I fell asleep every time I tried to listen to it, which is good if I wanted to sleep, but I wanted to hear the story! Other times, it can be to sharp or gruff sounding, and it just takes me right out of the story, because I am too busy trying to ignore all the little quirks about the reader’s voice. Thank you for participating in the hop and thank you for the wonderful giveaway! @SexyWriter69


  9. Hello Francine! It’s nice “meeting” you on this blog hop. Thank you for participating! I have liked your FB page and I am following you via Twitter–my handle is @jjh2690. How do I feel about audio books? Well, I only listen to them when I’m on a trip, and usually when I’m solo on that trip. The reason: my hubby doesn’t share my taste in literature and I rarely travel alone. πŸ™‚ I prefer to read rather than listen to a book being read to me. In face, when my hubby loudly reads a portion of the newspaper to me in the mornings, to point out something he feels is important for me to know, I ask him to just leave the paper in my chair…that I do NOT want him to read to me!


  10. I haven’t listened to audiobooks yet, they are way more expensive than ebooks right now. So I guess I won’t be listening to any for awhile now. I believe it would be a great way to get through many more books than I do right now, less than 1 a week lately. Thanks for participating in the Blog Hop! @tomter5


  11. I’m not that much of a fan of audiobooks, haha. I would much rather read the book myself because I get distracted a lot if someone is just talking in my ears. I would have to constantly rewind and replay the audio because I’ll zone out and then be in the middle of a sentence or something and get confused as to what exactly is going on. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your giveaway! @Cryscringle


  12. I like audio books in the car. I also love them for my students who have difficulty reading. I appreciate them in classroom. Thanks!



  13. I listened to the whole Wheel of Time series on my phone while traveling. It took me only one year to listen to all 14 books. I must say it was the best way I could have done it. But normally, I prefer to read them. Twitter @sades34


  14. Hi! Hmm. Audio books are nice, especially if your busy and want to keep reading, but i prefer to read it on my own. Sometimes, with audio books, i get lost or zone out. Reading the story myself, i lose myself in it and cant put it down! Thank you for participating in this awesome hop! Im having a blast! Thank you the fantastic giveaways too! πŸ™‚


  15. I haven’t really listened to many audiobooks. The only time I would want to really listen to one would be when I was not able to read and my CD player in my car doesn’t work so there isn’t really a time for me to listen to them. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    thompsonem3 at aol dot com
    twitter: @ElThompson03


  16. I’m still pretty new to the who concept of AUDIObooks, actually. I believe that they, like print or electronic books, can be good or bad. It’s all based upon the content, and in the case of AUDIObooks, that means how well the reader on the cassette or CD performs their interpretation of the book. Sometimes, characters will sound just as we imagined them. Other times, we–as print book readerss with active imaginations–are like WTF?!? at the voices.

    Myself, personally, I will always prefer reading a print book or an eBook, instead of listening to someone else read that book to me.


    bookaholicholly at gmail dot com


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