Five for Friday: Kelly “Crib Notes” Perotti

Five for Friday: Kelly “Crib Notes” Perotti

Today I welcome another one of my favorite parent bloggers, Kelly “Crib Notes” Perotti, to the Shed! Kelly’s Crib Notes is essential reading for all new parents–especially new-parents-to-be, who are swamped with information about the business of having a baby, and need help figuring out which end is up. (Hint: The “end” in the diaper is not the “up” end.)

CribNotes Cover

Kelly’s also a cool lady. Her online community is always overflowing with helpful advice and tips, and no “judgy-ness,” which is so rampant in many mom communities. So you should join her online. In fact, you should join it now. Here’s how:




Now let’s meet her!


1. Can you tell us how Crib Notes came to be?

I always wanted to write a book, so I did! No, but really—I played around with a few ideas for novels, but it never really came full circle in my mind, let alone on paper (on screen?). Shortly after I had my second baby, I was thinking about ALL of the info that is out there—all of the options, all of the opinions, all of the misconceptions, all of the contradictions! Crib Notes is, as the name suggests, a little bit of everything, a shortcut through all the info that would be too overwhelming to research individually.

As for the process, I just wrote. And wrote and wrote. It all happened really fast. Crib Notes was officially listed as published and available for sale about a month before my younger son turned one!

2. What did you learn about yourself writing and marketing that book?

The quick summary and bio on the back cover took me longer to write than the actual book. I don’t know why that is, because I usually have no problem talking about myself 😉 But I have heard that it’s a common problem!

I was well-aware that, since Crib Notes is self-published, there’d be no publicist waiting with a stack of review copies or setting up book signings. That’s where Facebook came in. Word of mouth is amazing, and technology increases that power exponentially. Even more than the copies that I’ve sold, I love the little community that we’ve created.

3. We live in a culture that feels really judgmental of moms. Maybe I think this because I am 1) a mom 2) sometimes overly sensitive. But seriously, there does seem to be a lot of it going back and forth, and the worst part of it is when it happens between moms. Can you share your thoughts on this–and maybe some solutions? 🙂

Oh, this is not a made up thing. Sadly, the Mommy Wars definitely exists. I often feel judgment sneaking in—both of myself and other moms—but I try to operate from a place of learning. The more you know, right?

I have posted this to my site in the past, and it really rings true for a lot of people. I wish there was a quick solution, and that this was easier to do in real life…

I’m so thankful to be friends with women who gave birth naturally at home, and in the hospital with an asap epidural; whose babies never tasted a drop of formula, and those who never nursed a baby at their breast; who has more children than limbs to hold them with, those who struggle with one, and those who have accepted another’s baby into their heart; those who co-slept, and those who cried-it-out… I think it makes me less judgmental and more educated; a better friend and a better mom.

4. In your spare time (ha ha ha), you know, when you’re not raising kids and blogging and connecting mothers, what are you doing?

Aside from my “baby” Crib Notes, I have two boys, a husband, a puppy, and a (very nearly) full-time job. So, yeah, not much free time here! As much as I complain about there not being enough hours in a day, or struggling to multitask without starting everything and finishing nothing, a full schedule is not a bad problem to have, really.

I like to bake (and then eat what I baked), I like to read, I’m wannabe-crafty, and of course I like connecting with other moms!

5. Is there another book in your future you can share about? And if not writing, what else do you see yourself doing in the future?

I’d love do another book. I have lots of children’s book ideas swirling in my head. Right now, they’re just dreams, but hopefully someday they’ll be reality! I try to think long term, but to keep myself sane (and somewhat organized) right now, my “future” is t-ball games Tuesday and Wednesday nights, a big work assignment due Thursday, and pizza and wine Friday night 🙂

BONUS QUESTION: What to Expect When You’re Expecting somehow became a film, which opens the door for other parenting guides as well! If Hollywood came to you tomorrow and optioned your book, what would the story be? And who would play the leads?

Ahh, if only! From your mouth to Hollywood’s ears…

As I was working on Crib Notes, I had the idea to add a really fun section at the end; it’s a collection of Mommy Confessions. I sourced the best (and worst) stories from a wide range of friends of all ages, and compiled them into this funny, touching, gross, little section. It’s my favorite part of the book. The idea of reenacting some of the tales as a movie would be amazingly funny.

Leads… the stories are from me and my friends, so casting look-alikes would be so fun! Hmm, I used to hear that I looked like Jennifer Anniston, but that was before she found Pilates and a flat iron 😉 A mom-ized version of Zooey Deschanel may be a little closer to me these days.


Thanks for stopping by, Kelly!


yellow - CopyKELLY PEROTTI is the author of Crib Notes, candid look at conception, pregnancy, and parenthood, and writes at She gained her insight and expertise during a nine month course called Pregnancy and continues on-the-job-training mothering two boys just eighteen months apart in age. Her juggling act of kids, self, marriage, and work is chronicled at Your comments and communications are welcomed on Facebook and Twitter @CribNotesKelly, or at


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