Chick Lit Author Blog Hop!

Chick Lit Author Blog Hop!

Welcome to this summer’s Chick Lit Author Blog Hop! As part of this hop, we are hosting a grand prize drawing so that one lucky blog hop winner will receive a FREE Kindle Keyboard 3G, with Free 3G + Wi-Fi, and a 6″ E Ink Display. That lucky grand prize winner will also receive a “chick lit starter library” filled with great chick lit books written by the indie authors participating in the blog hop. For more information, click here!


The theme this time? What’s on Page 25? I can’t tell you how delighted that this is the page that was chosen. What are the the chances that in addition to being a page pulled “at random,” it’s also a page that begins the unraveling of a series of crucial events for my main character. Such luck!

539286_10200439346445319_1446602713_nOn page 25 of The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything, the amnesia-stricken, misplaced suburban housewife mom, Mina Clark, has just escaped from the incessant ringing of the phone in her house–predatory creditors bullying her for money she doesn’t have. (She can’t remember why she doesn’t have money… Or if she ever did. Though judging from where she lives, she has to assume that she once had plenty of it.)

So Mina is sitting on a bench in the playground while her daughter runs off to play with some other kids. Mina puts on her ancient Sony Walkman to listen to some audiotapes of a new-age preacher, whose “sermons” are the only thing that seem to be able to help her feel grounded. While she listens to his words, she opens a notebook and begins scrawling. Out of nowhere, a recognizable shape begins to emerge. A dragonfly. She has no idea why it’s there on the page, but there’s something about it… She knows it means something. She can feel it. She can almost remember.

And just as the memory begins to materialize, she gets interrupted. (Win the grand prize! The 4th secret word in the 25-word sentence is: Chick) One of the nannies brings to her attention that Emma is terrorizing one of the other children, and Mina must stop everything and drag Emma away from the playground.

As she’s leaving, a strange Russian man in a ski hat reminds her that she’s left her stuff–her notebook and Walkman–behind… And as she snatches her things away from him, she has no idea just how pivotal a role the stranger has played, and will continue to play, in her life… (Now jump to the next blog, using the list below!)


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P.S. Hey, if you happen to be in NYC on Thursday, May 30th, please come on down to Stone Creek Bar and Lounge on East 27th (between Lex and 3rd) from 7pm to 9pm for a mix-and-mingle event a few of us in this Hop are hosting. Should be a hoot! Book Buzz 2013–click here for details!


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Learn “How to Hop & Win!” New to blog hops? Want to learn how to win the grand prize? Find complete information here.


19 thoughts on “Chick Lit Author Blog Hop!

  1. Wait a minute – you can’t stop there! Turn the page!! What happens on page 26???

    Oh, for pete’s sake! Now I know what hopping on the Chick Lit Author Blog Hop will be like – I know, I know… I have to buy the book to find out what happens, don’t I?

    (…Yup! That’s the idea.)

    Thanks for participating in this year’s Chick Lit Author Blog, Francine, and Happy International Chick Lit Month. I’m so honored to host you and all of these great writers on my book blog, Chick Lit Chit Chat.

    Happy Hopping Everyone!!!


  2. Your book sounds great! I’m absolutely loving finding all these fellow Chick-Lit authors from the blog hop. My library queue is about to get 25 books longer…also, your title? FANTASTIC.


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