“Finding Time for Our Kids,” by Meaghan Janedis

“Finding Time for Our Kids,” by Meaghan Janedis

406995_107256242733353_1424093831_nThe greatest challenge I think all of us moms face is finding the time in our days to give our kids the personal, real love and attention they need. We all know that our kids absolutely need to feel not only that we love them, but WHY we love them and WHY they are special and different than their siblings. And to do that, we need time and we need patience. And we also need to be creative so that it stands out in their minds forever so that when they are having a rough time in school or camp or wherever, they can vividly recollect the WHY and HOW we love them and the WHY and HOW they are unique.

So, how do we do this?

If you are thinking of a trip to Disney or a huge shopping trip, keep digging, you need to go deeper.

Answer this question: what did your mom do for YOU to make you feel like you were the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to her.

Answer that question and you have your answer (or at least you’ll be on the right track).



MEAGHAN JANEDIS‘s Legacy Sport helps you organize your home, organize your car and organize your life, helping you saving time so that you can spend it doing what you want to do! The inventor of the Trunk Tote, she retired from an Institutional Sales career on Wall Street to raise a family, and in doing so, realized the supreme importance of organization in running a family. Meaghan blogs tons of tips for active moms through her Legacy Sport website (read it now), and is the mother of two boys.

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