The Idea Factory (Not A Shed)

When I started this blog, I explained why I called it “Clippings In The Shed“–that in the movie A Beautiful Mind, it’s the place where Russel Crowe thinks he’s up to genius maneuverings for saving the world, and all he’s really got is a shed full of crazy, scribbled-on news clippings. So this shed you see here at the top of the page is not actually where I think or write. In fact, I don’t even have a shed.

The place where I “write” is the jogging path behind my condo development. I call it The Idea Factory. I put the word write in quotes because I’m not actually out there with my laptop strung over my neck (like a drummer in a marching band) or wielding a notebook and pen. Writing for me is about 85 percent thinking and 15 percent scrawling or typing–I do both. And walking (and recently, at least in spurts, jogging) this quiet and beautiful stretch is where I think.

It was here that I decided there needed to be bisque dolls in Rita Hayworth’s Shoes, and that Amazonia was going to play a role. It’s where I realized that Professor Hemlich was an Elvis freak, and where I came up with the whole invented mythology of the movie star and the shoes.

It’s also REALLY quiet–especially at dawn. No kidlets waking up with the sun and a list of demands; no snoring husband. Just me and my iPod. And the birds and bunnies (who refuse capture by annoying jogging paparazzo with smartphone). And all the beautiful trees.

Where’s your “Idea Factory”? Leave a comment and let me know!

The Thinking Path!
Here’s where I get the ideas.

One thought on “The Idea Factory (Not A Shed)

  1. I think I’ve recently acquired one along with acquiring a dog that will only take walks in the woods. So, we go walking on trails in the woods every day. It’s quiet. If I can keep my mind OFF being afraid of axe murderers in the woods and ON the task at hand, it’s a great place to think.


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