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The Shoes That Launched 68,000 Words! Or… A Good Soul In Bad Shoes
The assignment here is to write a blog that’s chick-lit-centric. I figure the actual experience of turning the discovery of the most-adorable-ever pair of shoes into a novel probably qualifies, right? So here’s how that all turned out…

When you write a novel, people always want to know: “Did that really happen?” So you kind of take a breath and smile your kindest smile, the one reserved for puppies chasing their own tails and average everyday simpletons and you say… “No dear. That’s what you call non-fiction. A novel is fiction.”

Which we all know is kind of a lie…  Because behind every great story, there’s always a glimmer of the author’s own experience that made it spark to life.

So did “Rita Hayworth’s Shoes” really happen to me? Well, it’s true that I was lost for years in a quasi-functional relationship with a reptile enthusiast. And it’s true that in another lifetime, I had started graduate work towards a Ph.D. in English Lit. And it’s true that Voltaire’s “Candide,” the book my book is loosely based on, and which is the favorite book of my leading lady and man, is indeed my all-time favorite book. But my parents were never captured by pygmies. And my husband, while compared to me is enormous, is whatever the opposite of hairless is.

But perhaps the most fundamentally true element of “Rita Hayworth’s Shoes” is the shoes.

It’s always been a joke amongst my friends and me that I have, in my time, had awful taste in shoes. That I could ruin any outfit with a terrible shoe choice. I used to love this pair of comfy black sandals and I clearly remember a conversation that transpired more than ten years ago over a night of drinking with my adorable friends.

CVT: Why are you wearing those shoes again.
MT: Look at you. Your shirt, that skirt. So great! But those shoes…
SG: Hideous!
CVT: Those shoes are ruining you.
SG: I’m just so ashamed for you.
Me: But I like these shoes.
MT: You look like a gladiator.

We all had a great laugh about all this, but the ladies were right. (And for the record, this was about four years before gladiator sandals came into fashion.)

So on another day, with another friend, I came upon “the shoes” in Ann Taylor. They were called “Hayworth” and they were magnificent. They were peep-toe and they were black and they were just adorable. And they were almost $200. And I bought them.

In that store on that day I thought, wouldn’t this make a great premise for a book: A woman lost in her life finally understands that she’s “worth it,” and buys herself a great pair of expensive shoes to prove it–then her whole life changes! And voila! “Rita Hayworth’s Shoeswas born.

So Rita Hayworth’s shoes were originally black, not red. And my life didn’t change the instant I handed over my credit card, but I did meet my husband shortly thereafter. But the most real part of the story is this: Shoes can totally be magic. Don’t ever forget it!




BLOG HOP RULES: Please read ALL rules and instructions!  
*Each of the 34 participating authors has written a special Chick Lit-centric piece and these posts will go live on Monday, May 14th.  At each blog hop stop, you will have the opportunity to enter to win a FREE Chick Lit e-book from that particular blog’s owner/author. All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog post, including your name and e-mail address, and you’re automatically entered to win.  If you visit each blog hop stop, that means you have the chance to win 34 different e-books!

*The blog hop will start at Natalie Aaron & Marla Schwartz and end at Jen Tucker.  You will find a list of all the stops on the blog hop at each author’s blog.  Authors’ blogs will be listed in alphabetical order according to last name.

*In each of the author’s blog posts, there will be a “secret word.”  This word will be italicized, so it will be easy to find.  All you have to do is make note of this secret word at each blog hop stop.  Collect all 34 secret words and submit your list to before midnight on Sunday, May 20th and you will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing!  The winner of this drawing will receive a $150 Sephora gift card! $150 to spend on make-up, fragrance, bath and body goodies, skin care, and hair products!  How fun is that?  This gift card can be redeemed online, or at any Sephora store in the US.

*Winners of each of the participating author’s e-books, as well as the Grand Prize winner of the $150 Sephora gift card will be announced on Monday, May 21st.

*Contests are open to residents of the United States only.
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25 thoughts on “CHICK LIT AUTHOR BLOG HOP 2012!

  1. Dear Gladiator,
    So happy to read that part about your parents– I have been worried ever since reading the book, but now I know the truth! love Rita, and your posts– keep writing, Genie!


  2. I think I’m like you on shoes. I love my comfy shoes. Right now they are a pair of purple and pink Nike flip flops. Now do I really have any pink or purple clothes to go with them…NO, but I wear them all the time. 🙂 Thanks for participating in the hop!
    Rhonda D


  3. No novice blogger here!
    Fabulous blog post and so happy you’re doing the hop. I love the premise for your shoe story. It is definitely true that readers will ask, ‘Is this true?’ Or, ‘Am I [said] character in your book?’ But it is true that from each story stems something true…or at least a version of the truth.

    Thanks for blogging!!
    -Savannah Page


  4. I’m a new fan! I’m so excited about this blog hop because I get to meet new great authors like you. 🙂
    caribellacreations at gmail dot com


  5. I am not a big shoe fan, but books that is another story. I have 500 books on my wishlist on B&N and when I told my husband he cracked up laughing at me. Yes I know I will never buy all of them, but a girl can dream. Right? LOL!



  6. thank you so much for participating. I agree ~ nothing beats a great pair of shoes. (Tho I like mine to be more comfortable then fashionable)

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com


  7. You want the shoe? You can’t handle the shoe! Looks like you found a great inspiration for a novel. Very nice. Happy to read your blog.

    Amy Sherman abcdsherman at gmail dot com


  8. Great post!! I love shoes and your story sounds wonderful. I hope I win 🙂

    Thanks so much for doing the hop! I’m so happy I got to find so many great authors like you.

    Ocbride (at) gmail (dot) com


  9. I’m definitely with you on the comfort of shoes aspect. However, I recall about 6 1/2 years ago, buying this great looking pair of black knee high boots for my first date with the guy who is now my husband. I didn’t buy those shoes for comfort, and who knows if they were my lucky shoes or not– but that date did lead to many more, an engagement and late a wedding. Call me sentimental, but I still have those boots in the back of my closet. 😉


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