Rita’s Fairytale Ending… Or More Like The Beginning!

Rita’s Fairytale Ending… Or More Like The Beginning!

Some magic shoes, a “fairy godmother” (or a few of them), and a wish on a star that FINALLY came true… Now where have I heard this story before? Oh yeah. Cinderella. A classic tale about an underdog without a future. A beautiful soul trapped in a hopeless oblivion, just waiting for that one magical moment when everything finally changes…

Well it looks like my little “Cinderella” has finally made it to the ball. Ten years in the making, two years in the completion, and a respectful number (because who’s counting really) of rejections later, Rita Hayworth’s Shoes has been picked up by burgeoning publisher Diversion Books–and is relaunching even as you read this!

Ain't she a beauty!
Rita Hayworth’s Shoes, in all her glory!

It’s hard to find the words to express how this feels, though “Holy fucking shit!” probably sums it up best. I mean, Wow. A huge wow.

Look, I’m no book publishing ingenue (a word I have to use because I feel it’s completely under-used, BTW). I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But seasoned old publishing hag that I am, I really had no idea how tough it was going to be. Rewarding, yes. But tough.

But that’s the stuff of other blogs. Right now, it’s time to bust out the magic shoes and dance!

For once upon a time, in a land and a lifetime so far away, an idea was born in a writer’s head. That idea grew into a story. A story that touches hearts and tickles funny bones (seriously–you have to check out some of these reviews!), and is now finally sprung from the land of the unknown to a whole new unknown…but this time with a little help to guide her to the place she really deserves to be!

So now, in a brand new sparkling dress with a fresh application of lipstick, it gives me great pleasure to re-announce the re-debut of the re-diculously fun, Rita Hayworth’s Shoes! Won’t you grace our girl with a read, a review, and recommendation?

Welcome to the ball, my precious one. I couldn’t be more proud of you!


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