Five For Friday

Five For Friday

Just a quickie today to let you know about something we’re going to start doing in The Shed, hopefully starting next week. Every Friday (the bold shows I’m serious!), I’m going to post a new 5-Question Interview (get it now–Five For Friday?) with someone really cool. It could be a celebrity. It could be a person who’s destined to become one. Who knows? That’s part of the fun!

Everyone visiting The Shed is a person with passion–someone who leaps out of the mundane of the everyday to follow that passion, even for one of those “stolen moments” here and there. And while you’re going to find a fair number of writers here, you’ll also meet some crafters, photographers, and even some funny film buffs. So come on back every Friday for an inspiring new story to discover!

No stories today because I pretty much just dreamed this idea up a couple of days ago, but the interviewing has begun! So if you know a person who seems like they’d be a good fit for Five For Friday, feel free to send ‘em my way. 

Until then, enjoy your Friday (with a slight tinge of sarcasm here if you’re also in New York and waking up to the mother of all thunderstorms) and the rest of your weekend!



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