Wassup, Wednesday?! Stolen Moments!

Wassup, Wednesday?! Stolen Moments!

I woke up this morning to a great tweet from Anne Lamott:

“People explain why they have no time to write but NOW, 10:00 pm, you [could] write an hour OR watch 10:00 news & learn where the local fires are…”

It’s true. I’m certainly guilty of it. And I don’t even like the news. (Or manage to stay up past 10pm that often.) How about you? Do you feel desperate to write (or do anything else you feel you could be passionate about), but then find any other reason imaginable not to? It’s definitely one of the reasons I started this blog. That, and my publisher made me. But that’s another story.

Anyway, the point is, by putting something “out there” that I have to “keep current,” I force myself to do it. And here’s the other corner I’ve so cleverly decided to paint myself into: At least two days a week, there’s going to be a standing…uh…well gimmick I guess is the most honest if not eloquent way to express what I’m up to. Here in The Shed, we’ll have (try to have) Wassup Wednesday, where I’ll give some weekly advice on writing, publishing, or whatever. Maybe have a Q&A if I can get my act together. Maybe just crap out with a recipe–who knows. We’ll see! And then for Friday…. Well, you’ll just have to check back on Friday to see what I’m up to, won’t you. (Please come back on Friday?)

So here’s my writing advice for today: Find the stolen moments. It could be at 5 in the morning, before your kids wake up. It could be what you do instead of folding the laundry tonight. Heck, one of my best times is waiting in the car for the school bus to show in the afternoon. For my new novel, I just wrote a crazily emotional scene that left me shaking and crying when I pulled my daughter off the bus…and perhaps left her and the other mothers in my complex a little worried and confused. So it goes.

Look, if you want to be a writer, write. Carry a small notebook and a pencil or pen, and steal some time for yourself this Wednesday. Who knows what you’ll come up with–or how many people you can terrify in the doctor’s office when you do.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Wassup, Wednesday?! Stolen Moments!

  1. Yes! For example, I was noodling around and shopping West Elm online last night. This morning, I got an email from them. Apparently, “their home is my home” now. that’s what the email said: “Our home is your home.”
    Funny, because my home looks absolutely the same as it did last night–ie, not furnished with objects of pared-down simplicity and weathered surfaces. It seems that surface weathering is costly, too, judging from the price of the items that did not appear in my home. Weather costs money, kiddo, it doesn’t just come and smooth out a log occasional table for free. Also, I’d like to note that (unlike “their” home) the home I woke up in is not worth 1.5 million dollars.

    So there you go, valuable time I could have spent writing instead of being lied to by an unscrupulous furniture company/weather monopoly . . .


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